In 2001, a young student at Welbeck Army Sixth Form College discovered the gym - he lifted some weights for the first time and he was forever changed by that first taste of lifting weights. It turned out that training was in his blood. Unbeknown to him the young man's grandfather had been invited to represent Great Britain in the 1938 Olympic Weightlifting competition, and only 3 short years later he himself would be setting British junior records in the sport of Powerlifting. 4 years on in 2008, he became a British Powerlifting Junior Champion. 
Along with a great deal of military exercise sessions, these were the beginnings of my life long love for physical training, and the mental development that comes with it. Today my passions are many. They include, Strongman lifting, Powerlifting, Running, Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting, and of course, sharing my knowledge and experience with others! I'm also often found practising the disciplines of Girevoy, Indoor Cycling and Indoor Rowing. My passions also extend to my own personal development as a coach and trainer; I believe a good coach or trainer is always adding to their learning. My pursuit of personal excellence as a trainer is by definition a relentless quest. 
Along with A-levels in Sport Studies, Biology and Physics, my formal qualifications include:
CYQ level 3 in Personal Training
(a composite qualification comprising of 9 individual modules)
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Strongman Trainer