- Maximal high intensity training designed to manipulate your body's biology into an extreme fat burning state, whilst vastly increasing whole body strength and fitness. Metabolic Conditioning is a form of high intensity circuit based interval training. What separates 'Met-Con' from regular circuit training is the effect it has by design on the body's metabolism. Characteristics include short, but extremely sharp bursts of full-body exercise interspersed with rest intervals. The exercises used demand huge amounts of energy production. Press ups, burpees, plyometric box jumps, sprints, prowler sled pushes, kettlebell swings, sledge hammers, sand bag carrying, sled pulls, heavy rope undulations, dumbbell and barbell movements, and much, much more tax the body to the limit.
Curiously, the body doesn't 'recognise' the rest periods throughout the session. Instead, the brain perceives only an overload of physical work, causing an enormous increase in metabolism, thus beginning a frenzy of fat-burning energy production. The energy flood gates open in a sort of, metabolic panic-response. This metabolic-manipulation effect lasts long after the session is finished. Research suggests a typical session may in itself burn 500-700kcalories, but critically, with an equal amount further spent on returning the body to a normal homeostasis (the body's normal resting state). The total kcalorie cost of a single session therefore is reckoned to be between 1000-1400kcalories, and with participants regularly reporting fat loss of 7lbs+ per month this calculation seems highly reliable. There's no magic involved, and no secret formula to this training style.
Metabolic Conditioning isn't just about fat loss. By design it vastly increases fitness levels and real-world strength. Met-Con is functional training and includes real-life types of lifting. You can expect a faster cardio-respiratory recovery rate, a higher lactate threshold, increased V02 max, and higher levels of muscular strength and stamina. In layman terms, a much FITTER and STRONGER you.
Met-Con is simply the epitome of high intensity, good old fashioned, HARD training; it's not easy but it is possible. Don't just train hard; train SMART. Metabolic Conditioning represents 'the most bang for your buck' in terms of effort invested to cause change in the body.
All the exercises used are 'scaled' to make them completely achievable for any level of ability. So don't worry if you can't do a press up or you've never lifted a weight. You work to YOUR OWN level of maximal intensity, not anyone else's. This means whether you're a high level athlete or a life long couch-potato, you'll experience the exact same amount of personal challenge. Metabolic Conditioning is not suitable for persons of an infirm disposition (ill, pregnant women, or persons with significant medical issues).
Classes are limited to 24 persons per session to ensure quality instruction is maintained. Session cost - £5 (or £9 for 2 on a weekly basis). Please bring plenty of water, and determination - you'll need both!
Classes run from 6-7pm, Monday and Friday at:
Cardigan Swimming Pool and Leisure Complex,
Napier St,
SA43 1EH
Check out the Met-Con facebook group for further information. Simply search 'Metabolic Conditioning Cardigan' in your facebook search bar.